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TWU Nurses School Demolition Dallas, TX

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Texas Woman's University Demolition

Texas Woman's University Board of Regents voted unanimously to replace their 60 year old University House that had served as the home for college's president. The problems faced in the demolition were numerous, but we proudly overcame them all.

One of the problems was that located next door to University House was the beautiful new glass building used as the School of Nursing. Traditional demolition methods could not be used in fear of breaking the nearby glass windows. Therefore, we had to create a unique plan to bring the building down. We are very proud of the work that we accomplished on this project because it shows our ability to think outside the box.

While the ingenious plan to demolish University House was being carried out, more problems had to be overcome as water started pouring into the workspace from an underground source that we had not been informed even existed. Quick thinking and experience easily saved the project when many others would have spent years tied up in court.

While the future looks very bright for Texas Women's University and their students, we are committed to making things right for all our customers. Each project brings unique challenges and we have the expertise needed to make your demolition a success even if unexpected bumps are encountered along the way. You can count on us to provide you with the expertise needed to keep your project moving forward allowing you to easily meet your deadlines.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

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