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Since 1997

Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, LLC. brings more than ​30  years  of  highly  skilled  experience,  integrity  and  dedicated  customer  service  to   your  job  site. In business since 1997 LND   has   bonding   capacity to  do every   job. We  truly are a  full service demo company.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

Lloyd Nabors Demolition: Experience and Professionalism

When looking for a demolition company, experience and professionalism should be of utmost importance. We are the #1 trusted demolition company in Texas with 26 years of combined experience in the industry, as well as the know-how to complete any job quickly and efficiently.


Providing detailed attention to every job, and strive to keep the site clean and free of any dangers. Additionally, we are licensed and insured for any foreseeable situation, so you can feel safe with our services. Additionally, we has successfully demolished thousands of residential and commercial dwellings, providing a full range of services for the removal of commercial structures and facilities.


We have been providing demolition contracting needs for over twenty years, with our extensive experience and expertise in the field makes us the perfect choice for any demolition job. By considering our experience and professionalism in the demolition industry, you can ensure that the job is done to the highest standard and that your safety is fully taken into account.

Lloyd Nabors Demolition: Safety Standards

When hiring a demolition company, it is important to consider a variety of safety standards to ensure that the job is completed safely and efficiently. These standards include:

- Properly trained personnel for all areas of the project

- Adherence to OSHA regulations and standards

- Use of the latest safety equipment and technology

- Adherence to all applicable industrial and environmental regulations

- Development and implementation of safety and quality programs

- Proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials

- Development of procedures and protocols for proper handling of explosives

- Adherence to all relevant building codes and regulations

- Development of emergency response plans in the event of an accident

- Regular inspections of the work site to ensure safety standards are being met

- Compliance with all relevant local, state, and federal laws.

- Working with experienced professionals who have a proven record of success in the industry.

Lloyd Nabors Demolition abides by all these standards and continues to do so at every job-site.

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