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Established in 1997

When you need an above-ground tank removed, it's important to find a reliable contractor to do the job. Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition has years of experience in the intricacies of above-ground tank removal and all the steps involved. Our professionals are familiar with the steps, regulations, permits, safety precautions and other details involved in tank removal. Established in 1997, LND has served multiple customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as in the surrounding states.

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Final Tank Removal Details

Once the above-ground tank is cleaned, cut and removed, LND will manage all final details as well. Technicians will cut and cap fill and vent pipes on all walls as well as manage construction and fire inspection requirements. Customers will then receive a report that outlines all paperwork, permits, inspections and other information to certify that the above-ground tank was removed properly.

Comprehensive Preparation and Cleaning Services

LND follows industry standards to ensure that above-ground tanks are removed properly and safely for our customers. All our professionals have been extensively trained through OSHA and other industry organizations.

After meeting with our customers, LND staff begins the process by completing all necessary paperwork and permit applications for tank removal. We will then schedule the tank removal to meet our customers' budget and time frame requirements.

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Before work begins and throughout the process, LND professionals keep safety as the highest consideration. After any remaining liquid in tanks are pumped out, LND staff will ensure than no flammable vapors or other risks are present before continuing. When conditions are safe, the tank will be cut open and thoroughly cleaned. LND will manage disposing or recycling any removed liquid as needed.

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