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Since 1997

Established in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition provides underground and above ground storage tank removal services for a myriad of businesses in the area and surrounding states.

Lloyd Nabors Underground Storage Tank Removal Company

Managing the Paperwork

LND professionals are experts at navigating compliance with government regulations and managing all the paperwork involved in removing an underground or above ground storage tank. We will work with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to pinpoint the size, construction type, and age of all tanks on your property. Then, we will file the 30 required construction notification forms and apply for all needed municipal permits.

Managing the People and the Process

Once all the paperwork is complete, the LND team will manage subcontractors, oversee site activities, and ensure the health and safety of workers. We will remove all tank contents and then clean the tanks and piping on site. Once the tanks are prepared, they will be hauled away and disposed of properly. LND follows up the removal process by testing any soil and pit water as needed. Once those results are returned, LND may advise additional environmental assessment of the site before the project can be completely closed.

Lloyd Nabors Underground Storage Tank Removal

The next time your organization requires the removal of an underground or above ground storage tank, be sure to contact LND. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality removal services while meeting your budget and timeline requirements. We pride ourselves in exceeding our customers' expectations in all that we do.

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