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Travis House Demolition Austin, TX

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4 Story Building Demolition

Many organizations in this country work to preserve historic buildings in our cities. The history and architecture of these building contributes to our communities. The Travis House, located in Austin, Texas, is one of these buildings with historic value. Although the building has been vacant for years, it originally served as the area's YWCA and housed the Guadalupe Hotel.

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When the Travis House required the demolition of a four-story building within 25 feet of an active three-story office building, the owners turned to Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition. Our company provides select demolition services, including dismantling part of a building without affecting other nearby areas as well as stripping interior or exterior sections of a building.

Since the nearby office building remained active through the demolition project, we knew that safety had to be our number one concern. Our highly trained technicians applied their knowledge and state-of-the-art demolition equipment to minimize environmental and safety concerns.

We were able to remove the unwanted structure without disturbing the integrity of the office building nearby, ensuring that those working in this building were never in any danger. Our engineering expertise helps our technicians make the best decisions in this and other select demolition projects.

Our company understands that historical buildings requiring preservation need special attention when it comes to this type of work. We pay the utmost attention to detail so that we can help renovate and preserve these types of buildings to our customer's specifications.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

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