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Texas Instruments Demolition Arlington, TX

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450,000,000 Sq. Foot Building Demolition and Water Tank Removal Project

When executives at Texas Instruments (TI), the well-known global semiconductor company, needed a 450-million-square-foot building demolished in Arlington, TX, they turned to Lloyd Nabors Demolition. This leading demolition company applied its years of experience to get the job done safety, on time and within budget.

First, professionals at Lloyd Nabors Demolition mobilized a water storage tank at the TI site. This involved ensuring that all government regulations, permits and paperwork was completed and filed properly. The team then managed all the subcontractors involved in the TI project in order to remove and clean the storage tank before coordinating the removal of the tank itself in a safe, environmentally conscious way.

Once the water storage tank was removed, Lloyd Nabors Demolition employed two excavators to knock the building down completely, carefully managing all health and safety considerations for those on site. The company works to minimize environmental impact and pollution while recycling and disposing of all demolition debris as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As a leading demolition company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Lloyd Nabors Demolition works hard to understand every client's goals, timetable and budget requirements before beginning work. By working on a foundation based on honesty, transparency and communication, Lloyd Nabors Demolition exceeds customers expectations in every demolition project.

In 1958, the first working integrated circuit was launched by Texas Instruments, which has since grown into a major global technology player. Lloyd Nabors Demolition is proud to have played a small role in supporting Texas Instruments growth into the future.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

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