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Tarrant County Sub Courthouse Demolition Fort Worth, TX

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Fort Worth Courthouse Demolition

Tarrant County, an urban county located in the north central part of Texas, has always had pioneering spirit. Today, the county is home to a diverse number of businesses and lifestyles including cattle and agriculture as well as aerospace and defense contractors. When the county needed to take down a courthouse building, it contracted with Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition to get the job done.

Tarrant county courthouse demolition fort worth

Tarrant County operates several courthouses and related buildings in the downtown Fort Worth area. However, in order to serve the 1.8 million area citizens more efficiently and conveniently, the county also operates several sub-courthouses in the commissioners' precincts. Many government services are offered at these sub-courthouse locations.

Our professional engineers completed the demolition of a six-story sub-courthouse building. The structure to be removed was located near an Oncor electrical vault, which powers residential and commercial facilities throughout the Ft. Worth area. The targeted building was also within 50 feet of historical court buildings.

Obviously, this proximity to both the electrical vault and other important Ft. Worth buildings made the demolition a bit more complex. Our professional technicians listened carefully to our customer and employed the latest technology in order to ensure that the engineering precision required was employed. We successfully completed the demolition without disturbing the electrical service to the area or jeopardizing the structure of the historical building nearby. Our firm prides itself on exceeding the customer's expectations, particularly when it comes to issues like safety and environmental considerations.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

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