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Nicholls State University Demolition Thibodaux, LA

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Long Hall Imposition and Beauregard Hall Demolition

Nicholls State University, based in Thibodaux, La., is a comprehensive regional university that has focused on the education of students for more than half a century. The state university has offered a strong general education program to prepare students to be leaders in today's global society. As time has marched on, some of the campus buildings have needed to be torn down in order for modern facilities to be added, keeping the university at the cutting edge of developments in the region.

When Nicholls State University needed five buildings demolished during the school year, the campus officials contacted Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition. We have years of experience in working with major demolition projects such as this one, completing them not only on schedule and within budget, but doing the work in the midst of active buildings and many people nearby. 

Our professional staff took down four multi-story buildings and conducted the implosion of an eight-story residence hall. We worked closely with both the general contractor and the university taking this complete demolition to grade and to drain.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

Just as Nicholls State University is proud to offer unique opportunities for instruction and research in the fields of marine and environmental science, agricultural, fishing, petrochemical and oilfield-related industries, we at Lloyd D. Nabors are committed to serve educational facilities, offices, retail establishments and contractors in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas with expertise and advanced demolition technology. We make our customers'  our priorities in each and every project, working to exceed expectations at every turn.

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