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Apparel Mart Demolition Dallas, TX

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Dallas Market Center Select Demolition

Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition was contracted to complete the demolition of the Dallas Apparel Mart, which was attached to the surgical wing of Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas. The apparel mart was part of the Dallas Market Center, a massive 100-acre campus offering shoppers a wide variety of products organized in multiple buildings. Our skilled professionals were able to complete this project, which involved demolition of a four-story structure totaling more than one million square feet, with no damage and little interruption to the hospital.

This type of select demolition takes a great deal of expertise and state-of-the-art demolition equipment to complete successfully. By employing concrete cutting tools and engineering principles, our technicians can not only demolish buildings near other buildings, but we can also strip partial interiors or exteriors while leaving the remainder of the building structurally sound. This type of select demolition allows contractors and owners to renovate and update only the portions of the buildings that require work while preserving the remainder.

In this critical, highly specialized business, there are no second chances - you must get it right the first time!

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