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Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, established in 1997, provides a full suite of residential demolition services. Our professionals have years of experience in demolition and wrecking including removing garages, barns, houses, farms, barns, apartment buildings and high-end homes.


Handling All Details


LND professionals are well-versed in all the complexities involved in residential demolition services. Our team will begin by conducting a pre-demolition asbestos inspection and take care of disconnecting water, gas, electric and phone utility services. LND has all underground lines marked and takes care of government notifications and permitting requirements.


Our professionals will also manage septic tank pumping and removal and deal with well abandonment issues. Once demolition is complete, our team will remove the foundation as well as grade and seed the property. LND is dedicated to managing all the details to provide exceptional customer service so you can rest assured that the entire demolition was done safely and properly.


Environmentally Sensitive


Any demolition project generates a lot of dust and pollution, and our team at LND is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our work. We diligently recycle and reclaim as much of the demolition material as possible and dispose of all other debris following government regulation and rules.


The LND team holds our customer's priorities as our own and will take the time to listen to your goals, budget requirements and time table. Our professionals will conduct the residential demolition with the utmost care and safety to ensure that the final job exceeds your expectations. Lloyd Nabors is a trusted residential demolition company in Dallas, Texas.


LND does not just handle the big jobs they can help you with your residential needs as well.


Everything from demolishing houses, garages or swimming pools.



(972) 225-1200


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