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Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition provides quality bridge demolition services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. LND operates the latest demolition equipment and combines that technology with years of experience to provide high-quality bridge demolition of highway, pedestrian or sky bridges.


Complexity of Bridges


Bridges are constructed in several different ways, all of which impact the demolition strategy. When bridges become obsolete or dangerous, the process of dismantling and demolishing them is complex. Tension points must be managed to avoid injuries in the demolition process. In some cases, lead paint must be dealt with in order to avoid contaminating the waterways below. LND is well-versed in all these bridge demolition challenges and can manage all aspects of the project to ensure that precautions are taken so quality is controlled and safety is maintained.


Dedicated to Quality, Safety and Customer Satisfaction


LND professionals make your priorities our priorities on any bridge demolition project. We take the time to understand your specific needs and then work to customize a solution that meets your expectations, budget and timeframe. Once we're on the job site, safety is of the utmost importance. LND provides ongoing safety training and education for our professionals to ensure that they are up-to-date in the latest technology. By combining state-of-the-art demolition and concrete cutting equipment with experienced and trained professionals, LND provides the highest quality offerings in bridge demolition services. When you are ready for your next project, call us. We're ready to serve.


LND is experienced in the demolition of many types of bridges.


• Highway and Bridge Demolition

• Pedestrian or Sky Bridge Demolition

• And more


(972) 225-1200


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